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Most proposals in the typescript-eslint repository happen in GitHub Issues. We generally try to keep conversations inside issues for their discoverability and ability to be linked to GitHub Pull Requests.

We have GitHub Discussions enabled to enable three kinds of deeper, threaded conversations:

  • Community Feedback: Questions from the maintainer team that should be raised to the broader community
  • RFCs (Requests For Comments): Formalized proposals for larger changes that should be discussed before turned into issues
  • Technical Discussions: Deeper questions about typescript-eslint's architecture and/or APIs

Before filing a Discussion, search the issue tracker for any related conversations. Link to them in the Discussion, along with a detailed description of what you'd like to discuss.


For change proposals that match an existing issue format, keep to filing issues. Most don't need to be moved to this separate format. We can always move an issue to a discussion if it becomes unexpectedly deep.


Please don't use Discussions as a support forum. See Contributing > Issues > Questions and Support Requests.