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So you've got a bug report, documentation request, or feature suggestion? Great!

Please do:


Please do comment on any open issue if you have more information that would be useful.

Please don't:

  • Leave useless comments such as "+1" or "when's this getting fixed?" that only act as spam
    • If you have nothing to add but enthusiasm and joy, add a reaction such as 👍
    • One exception: if an issue has been blocked on a question to a maintainer for 3 or more months, please ping us - we probably lost track of it
  • Bring up unrelated topics in existing issues: instead, file a new issue
  • Comment on closed PRs: instead, file a new issue
  • Comment on commits directly, as those comments are not searchable: instead, file a new issue

Issue Claiming

We don't use any kind of issue claiming system. We've found in the past that they result in accidental "licked cookie" situations where contributors claim an issue but run out of time or energy trying before sending a PR.

If an issue has been marked as accepting prs and an open PR does not exist, feel free to send a PR. You don't need to ask for permission.

Questions and Support Requests

The issue tracker is not an appropriate place for questions or support requests. You can instead:

Note that requests to add documentation are allowed, even encouraged! 📝

Appreciation Note

Thanks for reading through this file in full! Please include your favorite emoji at the bottom of your issue to hint to us that you did in fact read this file. 💖 is a good starter if you're not sure which to use.